(January 2023)
1952 OCT Hiroyuki Ogino, the founder of H. Ogino & Co., Ltd. started camera retail operation and general merchandise export business with the name of Eastern Merchandise Trading Co., Ltd. The firm's main office was in Ogino's own four-storied building located at Nogemachi, Nakaku, Yokohama just completed at that time.
1954 OCT Hiroyuki Ogino jointly established Tokyo Airport Camera with NIKON and was named the first president. This camera shop was located at the passengers waiting area of Tokyo Haneda Airport (for domestic flights).
1955 AUG Hiroyuki Ogino terminated Eastern Merchandise Trading Co., Ltd. and newly established H. Ogino & Co., Ltd. capitalized at Yen 2.5 million and Hiroyuki Ogino again assured the leadership role.
1958 MAY The company entered into a rapid expansion phase and launched into the export business for electric and medical equipment, Super-8 cameras and projectors as well as 35mm still cameras. The capital was increased to Yen 5 million at this time.
1960 JAN The company assumed a second phase..... that of establishing a manufacturing facility in Kawasaki, Kanagawa pref., known as Cinekon Co., Ltd. The new subsidiary started supplying the domestic market as well as overseas markets with 8mm movie cameras under the CINEKON brand.
1961 APR H. Ogino acquired another exclusive production facility in order to meet ever increasing demand for 8mm movie equipment. MAGNON brand 8mm movie projectors made by this newly-acquired Bell Ko-on plant were exported all over the world. The capital was increased once again to Yen 10 million.
1969 OCT After looking for ways to further expand the 8mm movie business H. Ogino decided to build another subsidiary, Sanwa International Inc. From this new base 8mm projectors were sold to the world market under the CINEKON brand.
1971 APR H. Ogino started the exportation of classical ophthalmic instruments made by TAKAGI under MAGNON brand.
1973 APR H. Ogino started supply of Ophthalmic Instruments to MARCO, USA under OEM basis.
1974 NOV A new company's ten-storied building was completed in Yokohama and currently houses the company's headquarters. Since then the leasing of OGINO building has been brought in business line.
1979 OCT A great sorrow seized the company as Hiroyuki Ogino suddenly passed away at the age of 66. His career in the camera business covered 27 years of energetic activities. Hiroko Ogino, wife of Hiroyuki Ogino, succeeded presidency and Junya Ogino, H. Ogino's son, was designated the managing director's post and as the second president of Tokyo Airport Camera at the same time.
1980 AUG Due to the worldwide depression in the 8mm sales market, H. Ogino decided and transferred the firm's 8mm movie projector business line to Sanwa International Inc. H. Ogino started not only the exportation of automatic ophthalmic instruments made by NIDEK under NIDEK brand all over the world, but also classical ophthalmic instruments made by NIDEK under MAGNON brand.
1988 JAN The managing director, Junya Ogino was designated as the third president.
2005 DEC Due to rapid digitization, Junya Ogino decided to liquidate Tokyo Airport Camera.
2015 AUG 60 years anniversary.
2015 DEC Moving to temporary office due to rebuilding the new headquarters.
2018 FEB The new company's headquarters was completed.